The personal training we have just presented fosters mature relationships.
The personal growth and the emotional journey interact with each other. Strong adults are capable of both being themselves and of adapting in the area of their relationships and commitments. Whether in a romantic relationship or in other types of relationships, they are capable of loving and of being loved.

We pay great attention to the way of living relationships and to attitudes in relationships. You will learn to:

  • Be yourself in your relationships
  • Assume your existential solitude
  • Communicate from your deep lived experience
  • Listen to others
  • Manage your frustrations and conflicts
  • Respect others.

If you take care of your personality and relationships, you will be able to contribute even more to the improvement of society.

For you to develop your personality and your relational skills, we suggest that you commit on three levels. What is involved is:

  • Increasing your personal solidity
  • Practicing faithfulness to your deep conscience
  • Acquiring greater emotional maturity.

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