1- Introduction

2- Where PRH can help

3- Where PRH is not appropriate

4- PRH as complement and tool for progressing



In today’s society many values have toppled. Everything must go faster and become more efficient. Our own experience and our deep desires become secondary. And yet, it is our inner values, our deep aspirations, and our capacity to love and to relate that make us human beings worthy of that name.

A society cannot prosper if it is not supported by personalities that are solid, relational and aware of their responsibilities. Mental health often cannot be taken for granted; it must be encouraged, nurtured, and developed. It is a great opportunity to be able to ask ourselves questions about ourselves, and to have the possibility of further actualizing ourselves. It brings not only personal enrichment, but also an important contribution to society. For personal development, there are many possibilities, with different methods. And it is often difficult to know which method is well-adjusted to someone. A decisive factor is to also recognize a person’s health and solidity. What fragilities or what excessive behaviours are still part of a healthy person, and what is so severely hampered that formal therapy, and even medication are necessary?

For almost 30 years, I have been accompanying, as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, people with various mental illnesses. I have also been aware for a long time of the various educational activities offered by PRH.

2.      Where PRH can help

PRH can help people who have a stable personality, who are capable of interiorizing themselves, of methodically working on themselves, and who are ready to invest energy, time and money. For them, PRH offers a very helpful tool. As a school of personal development it includes in its program all the facets of the personal and social areas, and, in this way, brings a significant contribution to quality of life, to a healthy and enriching life. This training is also an important prevention against mental illnesses and fosters more human relational behaviour. The more persons are solid, unified and open, the more they will act in ways that are beneficial for their environment, and the better they will manage the hard knocks of life. The PRH method aims at helping participants to know and put order into inner areas, and in particular, to open up to feelings and to inner experiences. Through workshops, it provides proven tools to continue the work on oneself in an autonomous way, and it offers personal accompaniment.

3.      Where PRH is not appropriate

When people come to my office because they are experiencing serious inner distress, most of them need a qualified medical doctor. In such a situation, PRH is not sufficient.

Persons suffering from psychosis cannot protect themselves and are overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings. During the acute phase, they first need therapeutic measures that help them take a distance from these: specific medication (neuroleptic drugs), an external framework that provides them with a structure, and sometimes also a hospital stay.

The same thing applies for major relational dysfunctions of the personality, for dependencies and other neuroses; depending on the degree of the seriousness of the illness that significantly hampers the quality of life, a specific treatment is required, either through a hospital stay or through intensive walk-in therapy. Over and above individual and group sessions, and appropriate medication, numerous other methods are applied such as music, creative work, body work, relaxation techniques, to name a few.

Also, the PRH method is not indicated for serious depressions since, in that state, the afflicted persons are incapable of working on themselves. The link to their inner experience and to their environment is severed at the level of the sensibility. At first, they need accompaniment where they feel supported, antidepressants, clear daily structures and much more. During the therapy, an attitude of benevolence, respect and valorisation is of utmost importance. Time and patience is required on both sides; little by little, a trust relationship can be established. The work of healing as such, also with the help of PRH, can begin only when the depression has lifted, and when the faculties for knowing reality are coming back.

4.      PRH as complement and tool for progressing

I have observed that persons who have taken PRH workshops and who come to my office are more sensitive and more open to therapy. They have the desire to heal from their wounds and to become more themselves. They have learned to identify their sensations, to name their inner experience and their reactions, their positive aspects and their fragilities and to integrate them in the diagram of the person with which PRH works. They are very motivated to actively work on themselves and have learned to use tools that help them progress on their own. This experience and their previous PRH training can help persons to remain active between work periods, to take steps toward growth, and to be able to work at their healing. Because of this, they need fewer personal accompaniment sessions, and these can be spaced at longer intervals.

Every healing journey is a long-term process and requires competent psychological accompaniment, and in serious cases, psychiatric accompaniment. For change and healing to be possible, three stages are necessary: first, the recognition of the problem, then having access to their inner experience and working on it, followed by the re-education of old habits and the setting in place of new behaviours.

PRH can be very helpful for the healing journey by offering methodical work on the positive potential, since access to positive inner values is essential for all work on oneself. One must feel connected to this supportive inner foundation and be able to rely upon it to develop the capacity to face what hampers life. PRH transmits a very precious approach.

For persons whose serious illness is well on its way to healing, short modules on the theme of the values of the being can help, since they contribute to strengthening the being, and to solidifying the inner foundations. Moreover, the clear framework of the PRH modules prevents persons from sliding back into useless and destructive rumination. However, educational activities lasting several days are, at the beginning of a healing process, a physical and psychological overload.

For persons who have suffered from psychosis, the PRH method can be useful if work is done in small units, that is, a day at a time instead of several days. The PRH method offers, through specific questions, through time limited work periods, and through a clear structure, a stable external framework in which fragile persons feel supported and can take steps of existence, in order to become more solid and to set their boundaries.

During my long experience as a psychiatrist, I have worked with very different individuals. For example, many have, thanks to PRH, learned to exist, to better live their relationship with themselves and with others, to set their boundaries, to feel what dwells in them, and to identify their essential course of action; they were able to free themselves from their fears and feelings of guilt, or to heal from a childhood marked by a lot of suffering.

PRH is a self-knowledge method which is very effective; it is methodical, but also demanding. It is a treasure for persons who have the courage to fully commit to it. It brings them a better quality of life, great inner joy, and renewed energy. It helps them to find meaning and fullness of life and contributes to a contagious vitality.

PRH is an excellent approach for persons seeking self-knowledge, self-accomplishment, a meaningful life, and better quality relationships. My desire is for everyone to have the courage to take this step. Society can only change in a positive way when someone embarks on a growth journey. “When many ordinary people take small steps in many small places, the world changes”.

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