You may have at least once in your life time written down what is in your heart or weighing on your heart, and you may have felt how doing so brought relief, a sense of being freer and revitalized, led to new insights, gave you a sense of direction, etc? Indeed: Writing it really helps!


This book is an introduction to the analysis of your psychological experiences. It allows you to discover the method by starting to practice it for yourself... A number of easy exercises mark out the path for you to put into words what you feel, and so that you can progress. 


Learning to put into words what we feel, writing it down, finding the right words, letting them reveal to us their full meaning, extracting their hidden meaning, using them to grow: these are the goals of the book Writing it really helps!


This work provides an answer to the numerous questions which are asked by all who are looking for the truth about themselves. What do I do to avoid missing out on something which I feel is important to me: an intuition, an aspiration, a sensation, etc? How do I go about formulating in accurate terms what I feel right now within me? Where do I start? How do I continue once I have written down the first words which express my feelings? To what do I need to pay attention so that my analysis is accurate, efficient, and helps me to see more clearly in what I am experiencing? How do I end my analysis? What do I do with it once it is written, etc?


Easily accessible, written in a colourful and fresh style, and full of respect for the reader, this book contains a large number of examples drawn from actual analyses. The readers are awakened to their thirst for learning about the richness of their inner life and receive the tools to efficiently start - or continue - their inner exploration.

Reading this book will bring about some change...


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