Asserting ourselves, yes!

This is necessary and even vital for ourselves, others, and our relationships… however, not just in any way!

Some types of self-assertiveness shatter, humiliate, destroy, or negate others’ existence. They lead to dominating-dominated relationships, or very unsatisfactory power struggles.

Conversely, there is lack of self-assertiveness that dilutes, minimizes, masks or distorts the truth of what the person would like to say. This is at the source of skewed and complicated relationships where what is left unsaid fosters frustrations.

The book presents an alternative to these two common tendencies: appropriate, energetic, frank and respectful assertiveness, the type of assertiveness which leads to communication and interaction, and results in growth promoting and quality relationships.

Knowing how to be and how to communicate in ways specific to a respectful type of assertiveness can be learned.

The book Standing up… the art of “existing” proposes a journey toward appropriate assertiveness. It is filled with examples from daily life and with simple personal exercises. It stimulates the best in ourselves, self-awareness, and opens us up to others’ experience and to taking it into account. It helps to become individuals who “stand up” and take seriously how to build human relationships.


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