Right from the beginning, this work reflects on the relevance of acquiring self-knowledge through the analysis of sensations, which is characteristic of PRH’s educational psychology. Can we rely on our personal experience? Don’t we just tell ourselves stories while pretending we are analysing our sensations? How do we access our deep life, without disregarding our human complexity? How do we avoid the traps inherently involved in the practice of self-analysis?


This work is particularly recommended to those who use PRH Education. They will be able to improve their practice of analysis, and have a better understanding of their own way of analysing themselves - an important condition for making the method their own and for progressing in its use.


More widely, this book is for all those who are involved in some way in helping people with their personal growth by introducing them to an original, effective and tried and tested method, which can enrich their own work.


The process of PRH analysis is presented within the well structured and easy to grasp methodological framework of this intellectual activity related to psychological sensations felt in the body. Each stage of the analysis process is described, and examples are given to make it easier to understand.


Definitions of all the concepts used are given in order to avoid confusion: what is inner reality? What is a sensation, an impression, an emotion, a feeling, an intuition, etc? By what nuances are these phenomena distinguished? Etc.


Once the method has been acquired, its practical use is also addressed, with a view to optimal personal growth.


The reader is also provided with a number of essential bases and important reference points so that they can proceed clear-sightedly and successfully on the way to accessing their inner depths.


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