(Formerly: Myself and My Body)

Body and deep conscience

Objectives :

  • Observe how you experience your body
  • Learn how to “live your body” in a way that promotes the growth of your being and the harmonious functioning of your whole person


  • Six subjects are looked at in the first workshop:
        - Diet
        - Sleep
        - Rest
        - Physical exercises
        - Lifestyle
        - Work, activities, commitments

  • Seven additional topics are covered in the second workshop: 
        - Weekly rest
        - Holidays
        - Sexuality
        - Symptoms of fatigue
        - Health problems
        - Declining energy
        - Death

  • These workshops use the PRH decision-making method in working through the topics. Each one is examined using the same steps:
        - What am I living?
        - What are my disproportionate recurring reactions in this area?
        - To what do I feel called?
        - What are my areas of interest regarding this theme?
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