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Observe and adjust patterns of daily living


     ▪ To identify the goal of your life so that you can lead it more effectively
     ▪ To explore the elements of your personality and their functioning with a focus on adjusting dysfunctions


The following are the main points which are explored: 
     ▪ Leading your life or being led
     ▪ Taking your life goal into account
     ▪ A close look at the functioning of each element of your person: the normal and adjusted functioning, the distorted or exaggerated functioning, lifelessness or apathy:
       - The functioning of the being
       - The functioning of the "I" (intellect, freedom and will)
       - The functioning of the body
       - The functioning of the sensibility

We also look for the origin of dysfunctions observed:
       - The imaginary functioning
       - The mechanism of justification
       - And the mechanism of self-devaluation

The question of "how to live in inner harmony?" is covered as a synthesis at the end of the workshop.