Discover what fosters the development of a child’s unique personality and your potential as a parent



  •       A better understanding of your children and of their needs, and, in this way, foster their development.
  •       Significant improvement in your relationship with each child.
  •       Understand the cause of certain behaviours in order to manage the difficulties encountered.
  • Enable each child to find their place in the family and their actual environment


This workshop enables you to observe all the stages of a child’s life, from their first years until adulthood.


Part 1 My frame of reference

  • The persons to whom I refer interiorly
  • My ideas, hesitations, doubts, and questions concerning education

Part 2  Aspirations and needs

  • The potentialities and aspirations of my children
  • Their need to be loved for themselves
  • Their need for security
  • Their need to be respected at each stage of growth
  • Their need for apprenticeships
  • Their need to be helped to become themselves
  • Their need to be accompanied in their sufferings

Action plan and final inventory

  • Assessment of my strong points and weak points concerning education and my responsibility as parent


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