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(Formerly: My Life in Groups)

Explore the influence of group phenomena on personal growth

     ▪ To better understand what occurs in the groups you are part of: family, work groups, social groups
     ▪ To enhance your ability to live as a member of a group

     ▪ Four important aspects of life in groups:
          - Aspirations and needs
          - Values lived in a group
          - The phenomenon of influence
          - The phenomenon of tension and conflict
     ▪ Six areas where you can progress and improve life in groups:
          - Existing and finding your place in the group
          - Committing to the goals of the group so that life together be successful
          - Adapting yourself
          - Knowing how to manage tension and conflict
          - Being able to leave certain groups in order to go towards your essential group
          - Aiming for the humanization of society