We work with mixed groups of 6 to 15 persons. These groups are made up of men, women, young adults and older adults, of persons from all walks of life. All are invited to work together, but in an autonomous manner.
We do not use the group dynamics method.
The respect of your freedom is fundamental at all times. No one is obliged to anything whatsoever. You yourself set the limit as to how far you want go in describing your lived experience, as well as to what you want to share.
Because of the diversity of the group, you will have the opportunity to get to know other persons at a deeper level. For example, mothers hear daughters, daughters listen to mothers, workers hear managers, managers hear workers, married people hear divorced people, etc. So, participants become more receptive to others and to situations that they have no experience of, and all this in a context of confidentiality.

When we ask participants to explore a particular aspect of their life and lived experience, we ask them to describe it in a way that is as genuine as possible. In this way, participants become more acquainted with the same theme with its specificity and history. This takes place at a peaceful pace, one that allows enough time for persons to focus on their lived experience and to analyze their internal sensations.
Because of such a positive and receptive atmosphere where persons can live and express themselves, it is possible to make constructive and vitalizing discoveries.

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