The analysis, which we refer to as "PRH analysis”, is the primary means for taking charge of your personal growth and development.
In PRH analysis, the lived experience is at the forefront and it is not a purely intellectual activity. This requires an attitude of receptivity and acceptance of one’s lived experience. It is a matter of being open to oneself and of deciphering the inner psychological sensations which we discover.

This requires a capacity for introspection and openness to new discoveries about oneself as well as to the evolution of the self-image.

Analyzing your sensations means understanding them better. You will go from feeling something to finding accurate and satisfactory words to express it. In so doing, you will discover new things about yourself and will become more aware of what you are living.
Analysis is the means to access your inner world at all levels of your person. In this way, you will work at your own growth.

We use this method of self-discovery in all our activities. In some workshops, we offer different approaches that make it easier to analyze oneself, such as: bodily exercises, contact with nature, creative expression and graphic representations...

There are specific workshops in which the PRH analysis method itself is the main focus. As a result, participants increase their skills in analysis and can use it on their own in daily life.

Using PRH analysis:

  • contributes to the development of a way of living from within oneself, especially from the richest part of the self;
  • helps to constantly remain in touch with oneself;
  • contributes to personal solidity,
  • becomes a very natural path towards an even greater awareness of self.

PRH analysis is a powerful means to help persons live through demanding situations in their personal and professional life such as stress, crises, tensions, etc. Analysis can contribute to the emergence of the noblest aspect of the human person.


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