We strongly emphasize the importance of decision making in peoples’ lives. Big or small, all decisions have an impact on the person. Step by step, the building and development of one’s personality is accomplished through these decisions. We encourage you to develop the reflex of referring to your deep conscience which means referring to the essential and the best of who you are in various situations.
Your decisions will then no longer come from:

  • Outside pressures
  • Others’ expectations
  • Principles only
  • Spontaneous desires
  • Etc.
    Reference to your deep conscience assures that exercising your freedom is more rooted in you.

 You experience that your life acquires more meaning when you:

  • Discover and actualize your deep identity
  • Commit yourself to your relationships
  • Take your place, in a well-adjusted way, in your human and material environment and, on a broader scale, in society.

 This personal training leads to:

  • The accomplishment and the well-being of the person
  • An improved quality and satisfying relational life
  • A meaningful commitment in society.


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